Funny Mistakes People Have Made When Speaking Italian

Mistakes are an inevitable part of learning a new language. The more mistakes you make, the faster you will learn the correct way to say things.

Here you'll find an array of the most comical slip-ups our readers have experienced while conversing in Italian with native speakers. Get ready to have a good laugh!

"I was trying to explain something about the roofs of the buildings to a friend and I used the word “le tette” (the breasts) instead of “gli tetti" (the roofs)! Very embarrassing!"

"I asked a young lady in Siena for fish gelato…I screwed up the word for peach (I said pesce instead of pesca). There worst part was, they didn’t even have peach. It was melon."

I tried to explain to my in-laws that the food that they ate in Sicily was much fresher than the food we ate in the States. I stated that Americans put a lot of “preservativi” in their food (thinking this meant preservatives). I didn’t realize that preservativi meant condoms.

For years on end, I would say “Giusto, fa senso!” (Right, it’s gross!) Eventually, somebody explained it’s “Ha senso!” (It makes sense)

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