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How to Say "Goodnight" in Italian

Knowing how to say goodnight is an important first step to mastering the Italian language.

How to Say Goodnight in italian: Introduction

Here are five of the most common greetings that Italians use on a daily basis!

How to Say Goodnight in italian: Introduction

Buona notte! / Buonanotte!

The most common way to say goodnight in Italian is buona notte (also written as the single word buonanotte).


Just as the English goodnight can be abbreviated to night, so too can buona notte be shortened to just notte.

Dormi bene!

Dormi bene is the informal way of saying sleep well in Italian.

Fai una bella dormita!

Fai una bella dormita, which literally means have a good sleep, is simply an alternative way of saying dormi bene.

Sogni d’oro!

Sogni d’oro is the Italian equivalent of the English expression sweet dreams.