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How to Say "Mom" in Italian

In celebration of Mother's Day, we're here to teach you how to say "mom" in Italian.


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There are three ways to say "my mom" in Italian: 1) mia mamma - this is the standard way of referring to one's mother Mia mamma abita a Firenze. My mom lives in Florence.

2) la mia mamma - this is an affectionate way of saying "my mom", mostly used by children Voglio bene alla mia mamma. I love my mom.

3) la mamma - used when talking to close family members or friends about one's own mother Vado a trovare la mamma. I'm going to see (my) mom.

Some different kinds of moms include:

- madre adottiva / di adozione = adoptive mother - matrigna = stepmother - nonna = grandmother - madrina = godmother - suocera = mother-in-law - figura materna = mother figure

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