Three ways to say "my love" in Italian

The Italian for "my love” can be translated in three different ways depending on the situation.

How to Say "My Love" in Italian: Introduction

If you are talking generally about your love for something or someone, rather than addressing someone directly, the correct translation is il mio amore.

Il mio amore

Il mio amore per te è immenso. My love for you is immense.

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If you are directly addressing a loved one, on the other hand, the correct form would be the pet name amore mio. This version is considered a term of endearment.

Amore mio

Come sei bella oggi, amore mio! You look so beautiful today, my love!

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If you are talking about a person you love, but you aren’t addressing them directly, it is possible to use l’amore mio. However, this form is very poetic and is mostly heard in songs/poems.

L'amore mio

Tu sei l’amore mio. You are my love.

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