What is the pronunciation of "bruschetta" in Italian?

The name both Italians and English speakers give to the delicious toasted Italian bread covered in olive oil, garlic or tomatoes is bruschetta (feminine, plural: bruschette).

How do you say bruschetta in Italian?

Because some English people pronounce bruschetta as brushetta (with a sh sound), it can be  difficult to remember how to pronounce it correctly in Italian.

How do you say bruschetta in Italian?


Bruschetta Italian Pronunciation:

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Example sentence:

Esistono molte versioni differenti della bruschetta.

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There are many different versions of bruschetta.


Bruschette is also the name given to the game Drawing Straws where a group of people decide something by picking from straws of different lengths. Whoever pulls the shortest straw is chosen to do an unpleasant task.

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