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In Italy, in addition to the three main meals – colazione (breakfast), pranzo (lunch) and cena (dinner) – there is a fourth that occurs between lunch and dinner called merenda (afternoon snack).

The meaning of today's Italian word

Like most words in Italian, merenda derives from the late Latin merere (to deserve), and literally means “things you have to deserve”.

Origin of the Italian word of the day

Although each region and family is different, merenda tends to be thought of as a child’s snack eaten after school to keep them going until dinnertime.

The meaning of today's Italian word

Example sentence:

Bambini, smettete di giocare e venite a fare merenda!

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Kids, stop playing and come and have your afternoon snack!


A popular idiomatic expression in Italy is come i cavoli a merenda (lit. like cabbages at merenda). It is used to describe someone or something that doesn’t belong, fit or match.

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