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The Italian word for the loose-fitting garments we wear to bed is pigiama. In English, we use the plural pyjamas to talk about a single pair of pyjamas, whereas Italian has a singular and plural form (pigiama / pigiami).

The meaning of today's Italian word

It entered the language via English, but can be traced back to the Urdu and Persian words pāy (leg) + jāma (clothing).

Origin of the Italian word of the day

Pigiama is sometimes considered invariable, which means that its form does not change in the plural. This means that both i pigiami and i pigiama (the pyjamas) are correct.

The meaning of today's Italian word

Example sentence:

Vado un attimo in camera per mettermi il pigiama.

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I’m going to my room for a few seconds to put on my pyjamas.


Along with pigiama itself, the term pigiama party has also entered the Italian language, referring, as it does in English, to a night-time party where pyjamas or nightgowns are worn.

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