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Sovrappensiero is an adverb that means “lost in thought” “absent-mindedly” or “distractedly”.

The meaning of today's Italian word

It is the combination of sovra- (a variant of sopra- meaning “above” or “over”) and pensiero (thought).

Origin of the Italian word of the day

Numerous dictionaries, including the DOP actually list soprappensiero as the main form and considers sovrappensiero less common. However, sovrappensiero appears to have gained the upper hand.

The meaning of today's Italian word

Example sentence:

Ero sovrappensiero e ho messo il sale nel caffè.

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While lost in thought, I added salt to my coffee.


It is possible that the current preference for sovra- compared to sopra- can be attributed to euphonic reasons – that is, the three consecutive Ps make the word more difficult to say.

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