How to Say “Chocolate” in Italian – Cioccolato

We all know that Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza are pretty special, but did you know that Italians are wonderful chocolatiers as well? In fact, Turin – the city where Mat was born – is known as the Chocolate Capital of Europe, and for good reason! Cioccolato (plural: cioccolati) was first brought to …

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How to Say “Yes” in Italian – Sì

To say yes in Italian, you use two letters and an accent: sì. As in English, it is used both as an interjection and a way to express a positive answer. The grave accent above the i is very important. Without the accent, si becomes a noun or a pronoun. (You can read more about …

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How to Say “Water” in Italian – Acqua

Water is one of the most precious resources we have. 60% of our body is made up of it, and we use it for many things including washing, drinking and cooking. If there is one Italian city that has a close association with water, it is Venice or Venezia as it is known in Italian. …

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How to Say “Butterfly” in Italian – Farfalla

cover image with the word “farfalla” and a swallawtail in the background

One of the most well-loved creatures on the planet is the butterfly, known as farfalla in Italian. It is a feminine noun, so the definite and indefinite articles it takes are as follows: la farfallathe butterflyuna farfallaa butterfly le farfallethe butterfliesdelle farfalle(some) butterflies If this word sounds strangely familiar, this is because farfalle is also …

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How to Say “Restaurant” in Italian – Ristorante


When we used to live in Turin, we’d never let a week go by without a trip to one of our favourite local restaurants. After all, there is nothing quite like Italian cuisine! Ristorante (plural: ristoranti) is the Italian word for restaurant and as you can see, the spelling is very similar to the English …

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Italian Word of the Day: Graffiti (writing on walls)


An Italian word that has an established place in the English language is graffiti which specifically refers to writing or drawings on public walls, usually done without permission and as a form of artistic expression. In English, graffiti is almost always used as if it were a mass noun but in Italian, you will encounter …

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