About Us

Trivia: The literal translation of about us is su di noi, but on Italian websites you’ll be most likely to find a Chi Siamo page (who we are).

Hello! Grazie (thank you) for stopping by!

Our names are Mat and Heather and we’d love to help you learn the beautiful Italian language!

Mat was born and raised in Turin in the north of Italy to an Italian mother and a French father. Heather is a British-Canadian who spent seven years in Turin working as a nursery school teacher while studying the Italian language. We met one fateful evening at a Halloween party and have been inseparable ever since! Although fate and circumstances brought us to Wales, we still hold a soft spot in our hearts for all things Italian including the food, the culture and of course, the language.

A view of Torino from the Monte dei Cappuccini, with the Alpi mountains in the background.

On Daily Italian Words, our aim is to share a series of new Italian words with you every week to help you increase your vocabulary. Each word is accompanied by an explanation, a handful of sample phrases using the word in context, and related words that might come in handy. We also share a weekly phrase, in-depth blog posts related to the language, Italian movie and TV series recommendations, and more.

We look forward to joining you on your language learning journey!

Ciao! (Bye!)

Mat and Heather