The Best Italian Language Resources

On this page, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite resources for learning Italian, as well as those that have been repeatedly recommended to us by teachers and students of the language.

Please note that this page is in a constant state of development, so we encourage you to come back every once in a while to see if there’s something new! And of course, do let us know if you have any recommendations to share.

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Italian Language Books

Soluzioni is a reliable reference book that explains everything you need to know about Italian grammar, with exercises to practise and check your understanding. Because it is more advanced than many Italian grammar books, it may be off-putting for beginners or lower intermediate students.

A Reference Grammar of Modern Italian is a fantastic reference for those wishing to learn the finer points of Italian. It isn’t the kind of book that you read, but rather the your go-to source for authoritative answers. It is best to start using this book once you reach an intermediate level of Italian.

501 Italian Verbs introduces you to 501 useful verbs, along with how to conjugate them in 14 tenses. Example sentences are provided to put the verbs into context. The conjugations are explained at the front of the book, so that you always know which one to use.

Essential Italian Grammar is a clearly written manual that presents all the Italian you will need to survive everyday life and contemporary situations. We would recommend using it as a supplement to a course, as an introduction, or as a refresher if you’ve already studied some Italian.

Now in its seventh edition, Basic Italian is a mainstream text that is easy to follow and logically designed. Unlike previous editions, it now offers communicative-based activities, up-beat dialogues and updated vocabulary and cultural notes.

Complete Italian is the perfect resource for beginners learning Italian grammar for the first time or higher level students wishing to brush up. The verb list verb table in particular is very handy. A must-have companion to classroom learning.

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Italian Language Apps

italki (affiliate link) is a fantastic language learning platform that connects learners with teachers across the globe for 1-to-1 online video lessons. You can use the platform to practise your conversation skills, improve your grammar, or even learn a completely new language.

If you love reading in Italian, and want to improve your vocabulary, LingQ (affiliate link) is the perfect tool for you. Upload articles, ebooks, blog posts and more to the app, and as you read, you can look up unknown words with the touch of a finger, save them, and study them later on. Check out our full review of LingQ here!

Anki is an advanced flashcard app that aids the memorisation of vocabulary and phrases. In addition to words, you can also embed images, videos, and audio on your cards. It is free for desktop and Android users, whereas iPhone users must pay a one-time fee. Check out our full review here.