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We’re a husband and wife team whose passion is languages. (You can read more about us here!)

The aim (obiettivo) of this website is to help you increase your Italian vocabulary. We publish new words and a new phrase every week (from Monday to Saturday), complete with explanations about their origins, as well as example phrases with audio using the word in context. Where relevant, we also share idioms, songs or movie scenes related to the word.

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We also write regular blog posts, comparisons and guides with film and TV show recommendations to watch online in Italian.

And if that wasn’t enough, our words of the day and phrases of the week are available in video format (inside the article or on our YouTube channel) and audio format!

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Below is a quick tour of what you’ll find on the website and how to access all of its content. Buona navigazione! (Happy browsing!)

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All the words and phrases we’ve published can be found organised by category. We’ve classified them according to level (beginner or advanced), grammatical function (adjective, verb, etc.) and topic such as food or travel for example. Click on the link below and start searching!

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Blog posts

In addition to sharing a word every day, we also write various blog posts that deal with words and phrases surrounding a specific topic, as well as comparisons that compare two or more similar words. These articles are useful if you want to dig a bit deeper into the Italian language, or enrich your vocabulary in one go.

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Italian Films and TV Series

One of the best ways to learn more vocabulary and get used to the sound of the language is to watch an Italian film or TV show with (when possible) Italian subtitles. Because you hear exactly what you’re reading, it is a very effective way of improving your knowledge of the language. To find all our latest recommendations, be sure to check out our guide of the most interesting films and TV series available on Netflix and YouTube.

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