12 Twitter Accounts To Follow If You’re Learning Italian

If you’re anything like me, you probably spend much of the day on social media platforms such as Twitter, laughing at the funny interactions, rolling your eyes at the often pointless debates or just mindlessly scrolling. But did you know that Twitter can actually serve as a great tool for learning a new language? 😀

Since we began using Twitter for this website, we’ve come across a good number of Italian Twitter accounts that regularly share interesting tips and tricks about the language. Following these accounts alone won’t be enough to skyrocket your Italian language skills to a new level, but they can certainly become a helpful part of your daily study routine.

1. Italian with Susanna

Italian with Susanna on Twitter

One of my favourite accounts is Italian with Susanna. A native speaker of Italian and an Italian literature graduate, she regularly shares lists of vital vocabulary, interesting idioms and expressions, false friends, and other interesting tidbits to help deepen your knowledge about the language. She is very responsive to questions she receives in her feed and also provides lessons online to beginners and advanced learners alike.

Follow Italian with Susanna on Twitter

2. Italian Time

Italian Time on Twitter

Italian Time is a relatively new account on Twitter, having started in early 2020, but they have already established themselves as one of the most follow-worthy. Run by Sonia and Brian, an international couple living in Rome, they share lots of useful phrases, vocabulary and grammatical points on a daily basis while also posting the occasional exercise to help you fine-tune your skills. They’ve also started up a fun YouTube channel to accompany their Twitter feed.

Follow Italian Time on Twitter

3. Dite – Learn Italian with Nicco

Dite – Learn Italian with Nicco! on Twitter

Nicco, a professional teacher of Italian as a foreign language, has a wonderfully unique approach to teaching the language on Twitter. Every day he shares a beautiful work of art – usually a painting or a photograph – accompanied by an Italian word that encapsulates the picture, along with its English translation. His website Italian with Nicco: Dite! is also full of useful resources and exercises designed to help you improve your language skills.

Follow Dite – Learn Italian with Nicco on Twitter

4. My Italian Circle

My Italian Circle on Twitter

My Italian Circle is a Twitter account and YouTube channel run by Anna (a language teacher) and Diana (a translator). In their tweets and videos, they cover a variety of interesting topics from Italian vocabulary, phrases, grammar and pronunciation for beginners and more advanced learners, to cooking, music, history and folklore. Although all their content is free, you can choose to support their work on Patreon if you like what you see!

Follow My Italian Circle with Susanna on Twitter

5. Serena – Italian Pills

Serena of Italian Pills is a full-time Italian Language Coach working out of Sicily. Her Twitter account is full of useful expressions, grammar points, blog posts and tips to help you on your language learning journey. Having recognised the shortage of content for listening comprehension for beginners and intermediate learners, she recently launched a podcast called 7 Minutes in Slow Italian which is presented at two speeds: slow and natural. Definitely check it out!

Follow Serena – Italian Pills on Twitter

6. Italiano A Scuola PICS

Italiano A Scuola PICS on Twitter

The Italiano A Scuola PICS account mostly consists of useful idioms and sayings in the Italian language. It doesn’t get updated as much as some of the other accounts listed here, but what they do share is always interesting.

Follow Italiano A Scuola PICS on Twitter

7. Transparent Italian Language

Transparent Italian Language on Twitter

Transparent Language is a well-known company that specialises in the development of innovative technologies and methods to enable faster and more reliable language learning outcomes for professionals. On their Twitter account for Italian, they share a ‘word of the day’ every day along with the occasional blog post with grammar points and challenges.

Follow Transparent Italian Language on Twitter

8. Kappa Language School

Kappa Language School on Twitter

Kappa Language School is an actual school for foreign students of Italian based in Rome. In addition to sharing material from the lessons they offer, they also create lots of helpful visuals featuring Italian vocabulary and expressions.

Follow Kappa Language School on Twitter

9. The Local Italy

The Local Italy on Twitter

Anyone who is learning Italian or has an interest in Italy has probably already heard of The Local Italy, the Italian edition of Europe’s largest English-language news network. Most of their Twitter feed is populated by news but on occasion, they do share a ‘word/phrase of the day’ article that is worth reading. Keep in mind however there is a limit on the number of free articles you can read before having to purchase a membership.

Follow The Local Italy on Twitter

10. ALMA Edizioni

ALMA Edizioni on Twitter

ALMA Edizioni is a leader in the production of educational materials and language courses for teaching Italian as a second language. Their Twitter feed is definitely worth following for the ‘words of the week’ series, most of which are unusual and entertaining.

Follow ALMA Edizioni on Twitter

11. LearnAmo

LearnAmo on Twitter

LearnAmo is an extremely popular YouTube channel run by the dynamic duo Graziana and Rocco. Although they mostly use their Twitter feed as a platform to share their latest educational videos, you’ll also find lots of colourful graphics to help you improve your vocabulary. Their website is also complete with many helpful articles on a variety of language topics for all levels.

Follow LearnAmo on Twitter

12. Passione Italiana

Passione Italiana on Twitter

Last but not least, we have the UK-based company Passione Italiana which provides educational experiences in Italy. Like many of the other Twitter accounts here, they provide words of the day, useful phrases and idioms, and games to make language learning fun.

Follow Passione Italiana on Twitter

Did you know that Daily Italian Words is also on Twitter? Be sure to follow us so that you never miss a word of the day!

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