Italian Word of the Day: Laggiù (over there / down there)

Italian word 'laggiù'

One of the most amusing memories I have from the past year involves strolling around Cardiff with my dad and young son, who speaks Italian as his first language. Out of the blue, my dad turns to me and asks, “What does ‘a-choo‘ mean?” It took me a moment to realise he had caught onto …

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Italian Word of the Day: Mai (ever / never / not ever)

Mai is one of those indispensable adverbs in the Italian language that can mean either “ever” or “never / not ever”. Its pronunciation is identical to the English word “my”. It derives from the Latin magis, meaning “more” or “greater”. mai ever / never / not ever When the meaning of mai is negative (i.e. …

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Italian Word of the Day: Qualcosa (something / anything)

Italian word "qualcosa"

Today we’re going to be investigating one of the most commonly used indefinite pronouns in Italian: qualcosa (something / anything). Derived from qualche (some) and cosa (thing), it is used to indicate one or more things that are unspecified or unknown. qualcosa something / anything Qualcosa usually translates as something in English and both occur …

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Italian Word of the Day: Stasera (this evening / tonight)

Italian word "stasera"

Stasera, meaning this evening, is one of the very first and most essential adverbs of time you’ll encounter when delving into the Italian language. It is the combination of the adjective questa (this), with the removal of the initial que-, and sera (evening). stasera this evening In everyday conversation, stasera is used more commonly than …

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Italian Word of the Day: Spesso (often)

If you want to say that you carry out an activity often or frequently, you can always rely on the useful adverb spesso in Italian. spesso often The adverb originates from the adjective spesso, which means “thick,” sharing both pronunciation and spelling. This, in turn, can be traced back to the Latin word spissus. Spesso …

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