How to Say “Wreath” in Italian – Ghirlanda

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The Italian word for wreath or garland is ghirlanda. Although its origin is uncertain, it is thought that it might derive from the Provençal word guirlanda. Ghirlanda is a feminine noun whose plural form is ghirlande. la ghirlandathe wreath una ghirlandaa wreath le ghirlandethe wreaths delle ghirlande(some) wreaths Lucia sta attaccando una ghirlanda fatta a …

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What is Christmas called in Italy? – The meaning of “Natale”

natale - christmas

Today’s word is part of our Italian Christmas Word Advent Calendar series. Each day throughout December, we’ll post a word or phrase that is related to the holiday season. Enjoy! Christmastime is upon us yet again, and if you are studying Italian, you may well be wondering what Christmas is called in Italy! Natale/na·tà·le/(masculine noun) Christmas Unlike …

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Jingle Bells in Italian – Lyrics and English Translation (Din Don Dan)

One of the the most well-known and beloved Christmas songs in many countries across the world, including Italy, is Jingle Bells. Although you will hear Italian people singing the English version at Christmastime, the song is so popular that they’ve also come up with an Italian equivalent called Din Don Dan, an onomatopoeic reference to …

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Italian Phrase: Natale è arrivato! (Christmas is here!)

Last year we taught you how to say the traditional holiday greeting Buon Natale! (Merry Christmas!), so this year we’re going with something a bit different! The Italian for Christmas is here! is Natale è arrivato! which literally translates as Christmas has arrived! It is made up of the following components: Natale >> The word …

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How to Say “Peace” in Italian – Pace

In both English and Italian, the word peace – or pace (feminine noun) in Italian – can refer to a personal state of tranquillity or the complete absence of hostility and violence on a larger societal scale. Vorrei che ci fosse la pace nel mondo. I wish there were peace on earth. In Italian, to …

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