Italian Idiom: A braccio (off-the-cuff / improvised)

Have you ever found yourself in a spot where you had to improvise a speech or speak off-the-cuff? If that sounds familiar, you might want to explore the expression a braccio, which directly translates to “by (the manner of) the arm” but is equivalent to the English expressions “off-the-cuff,” “ad-lib” and “improvised.” The term originates …

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Italian Idiom: Essere sano come un pesce (to be very healthy)

Italian idiom "Essere sano come un pesce"

Do you know someone who exercises everyday, eats a nutritious diet, and maintains a disciplined lifestyle? Well, you could say they are sano come un pesce, an Italian idiom that translates to “as healthy as a fish” in English. This expression is often used to describe individuals who prioritise their well-being above everything else. essere …

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