How to Pronounce “Cappuccino” in Italian – Pronunciation Guide

The cappuccino is a hot drink of Italian origin consisting of coffee and milk that has been frothed up with pressurised steam. It is traditionally consumed with sugar at or following breakfast, accompanied by a cornetto (croissant) or other baked goods. A cardinal rule of Italian coffee drinking is to never order a cappuccino or …

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Pronunciation Guide: How to Pronounce “Pistacchio” in Italian

The pistacchio, written as pistachio in English, is a member of the cashew family. A common food since 6750 BC, they are native to Central Asia and the Middle East. In fact, Iran was responsible for over half the world’s production of pistachios as of 2017. Origin of the word: The word pistacchio comes from …

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How to Pronounce “Bruschetta” in Italian

how to pronounce bruschetta in italian

The name both Italians and English speakers give to the delicious toasted Italian bread covered in olive oil, garlic or tomatoes is bruschetta (feminine, plural: bruschette). Learn how to pronounce “bruschetta” with our video You may be wondering why today’s ‘word of the day’ is an Italian word that also exists in the English language. …

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