8 Ways to Say “Amazing” in Italian

Imagine strolling through the enchanting streets of Rome, basking in the glory of art masterpieces, or indulging in a delectable plate of homemade pasta that elicits the exclamation, “This is amazing!” Yet, as we know, “amazing” is merely one of the myriad terms in English at your disposal to describe such an experience.

The English language offers so many ways to capture that feeling of wonder that quickens your heartbeat, and Italian is no different. From sorprendente to spettacolare, Italian always manages to offer the perfect words for every awe-inspiring moment. Let’s delve into some of them more closely.

amazing in italian


English equivalent: surprising


English equivalent: incredible


English equivalent: fantastic


English equivalent: marvellous


English equivalent: exceptional


English equivalent: extraordinary


English equivalent: fabulous


English equivalent: impressive


Whether chatting with Italian friends, exploring Italy, or impressing your classmates during an Italian lesson, you now have the linguistic tools to convey your awe and wonder effectively. Now it’s time to go forth and embrace the richness of the Italian language with confidence!

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