8 Ways to Say “I’m Tired!” in Italian

In the Italian language, conveying the feeling of tiredness extends beyond a simple “sono stanco / sono stanca.” Italians are known for emphasising their expressions – often accompanied by distinctive hand gestures – making it challenging for foreigners to grasp every nuance of the language. With that said, let’s delve into some of the commonly used ways to express ‘tired‘ in Italian.

8 ways to say "I'm tired" in Italian

1. Sono stanco morto

Feminine equivalent: Sono stanca morta

Literal English translation: I’m dead tired

tired woman at the window

2. Sono senza forze

Literal English translation: I’m without strength

Tired young man having stickers with open eyes drawing on glasses, sleeping near laptop, pretending to work at home office.

3. Mi sento logorato

Feminine equivalent: Mi sento logorata

Literal English translation: I feel worn out

Woman tired after a hard workout

4. Sono esausto

Feminine equivalent: Sono esausta

Literal English translation: I’m exhausted

Tired woman at work.

5. Sono fuso

Feminine equivalent: Sono fusa

Literal English translation: I’m fused

Tired young man stand in corn field.

6. Sono cotto

Feminine equivalent: Sono cotta

Literal English translation: I’m cooked

Woman showing sleeping gesture.

7. Sono sfinito

Feminine equivalent: Sono sfinita

Literal English translation: I’m exhausted / frazzled

The schoolgirl is tired at school, lying on a bench.

8. Sono stravolto

Feminine equivalent: Sono stravolta

Literal English translation: I’m overturned / upset

Tired, sleeping business man in meeting.


Understanding and expressing states of fatigue is crucial in today’s fast-paced and stressful society. Each of the Italian terms and expressions we’ve seen here captures a unique nuance of exhaustion, allowing you to articulate your feelings more precisely in different situations. Do you have a favourite among these terms? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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