How to Say “May the best team win!” in Italian

A phrase we should all embrace when watching sports, regardless of which team we support, is May the best team win! Let’s take a look at how to translate this phrase into the Italian language.

Che vinca la squadra migliore!

May the best team win!

In English, the word may is a synonym for maybe, but it is also used to express a wish or a hope. In order to express the same sentiment in Italian, it is necessary to use che (that) + the present subjunctive. In this case, the verb is vincere (to win), so the present subjunctive would be vinca.

Low section portrait of football captain standing in center of field holding ball with the rest of team in background

The word for team in Italian is squadra and migliore is the word for best. If you are talking about individuals rather than teams, it is possible to replace squadra migliore with other words such as giocatore migliore (best player), or simply il / la migliore which means the best man / woman.

Che vinca il migliore!

May the best man win!
(lit. May the best win!)

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