Italian Idiom: Ogni morte di papa (once in a blue moon)

If you wish to convey that something occurs infrequently, or to use an English idiom, “once in a blue moon,” you can employ the Italian idiomatic expression (a) ogni morte di papa.

(a) ogni morte di papa

rarely / once in a blue moon

ogni morte di papa

The literal translation of this phrase is “with every death of a pope”. Used in a hyperbolic sense, this expression emphasises the infrequent nature of a pope’s passing.

Ormai uso il telefono fisso a ogni morte di papa. Preferisco il cellulare.

I rarely use my landline these days. I prefer my cellphone.

Sometimes people will say una volta ogni morte di papa, with una volta meaning “once.”

From below barber combing hair of handsome stylish male sitting in barbershop
Va dal barbiere una volta ogni morte di papa. = He goes to the barber once in a blue moon.

A variation on this idiom swaps papa with another religious figure, il vescovo (bishop).

Cantanti come Freddy Mercury nascono ogni morte di vescovo.

Singers like Freddy Mercury are born once in a blue moon.

Some possible synonyms for this idiom include:

  • raramente = rarely
  • di rado = rarely
  • poco frequente = infrequent
  • infrequentemente = infrequently
  • quasi mai = almost never
  • di tanto in tanto = every now and then
Italian idiom "ogni morte di papa"

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