Watch Movies in Italian Online to Skyrocket your Level

Films and TV shows can be a great way to learn a language. When I was a teenager living in Italia (my birth country), I started watching British and American productions in their original language with English subtitles to improve my level. The experiment proved really successful, so much that at some point I started …

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How to Get Italian Subtitles and Audio on Netflix

When you start watching a movie or TV show on Netflix, a couple of options are accessible from the icons found on the bottom bar. One of these icons, located on the right, allows you to change the language for the audio, as well as the subtitles. If Italian is listed, that’s great, all you …

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Italian Word of the Day: Mutande (underpants)

Today’s word of the day is part of our Italian Christmas Word Advent Calendar series. Each day throughout December, we’ll post a word that is related to the holiday season. Enjoy! The word for underpants in Italian is mutande (feminine plural). Although the singular version exists (mutanda), it is rarely used. You may wonder why we are …

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Italian Word of the Day: Piccolo (small / little)

Italian word for small or little

The word for small or little in Italian is piccolo (masculine). The feminine form is piccola and the plural forms are piccoli (masculine) and piccole (feminine). As in English, you can use the adjective to describe something that is small in size. Ho comprato questa piccola caffettiera oggi. Era in offerta. I bought this small …

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Italian Word of the Day: Gabinetto (toilet)

Italian word for 'toilet'

There are several way to translate the word toilet in Italian. You can say bagno, but this noun also means bathroom or bath. There is the French “toilette” that is also used in the Italian language, or if you’re a bit posh, you can ask for the servizi igienici (sanitary services). But perhaps the most …

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