Great Italian Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2020

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the Italian language than by watching an Italian film made with an Italian cast and shot in locations around Italy!

The selection on Netflix isn’t huge, about a dozen films for now, but more content is coming soon.

Note: This post is about Italian films. Head over here if you’re looking for films available to watch in Italian.

How to find Italian films on Netflix

The best way to look for Italian films is to type Italian in the search bar and then click the suggestion Italian-language films (or search for Italian-language films directly). This way you’re sure to have a list of native language films from Italy. If you have set up your Netflix profile in Italian, search for Italiano and Film in italiano.

Great Italian Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2020

Among the Netflix suggestions, there is also Italian for Beginners (Parla Italiano?) which displays a mix of films, TV series and documentaries available in Italian.

Below are our recommendations on Italian films that you can watch on Netflix with Italian audio and subtitles.

Tip: If you really want to improve your Italian, choose Italian for both audio and subtitles!

Benvenuto Signor Presidente / Welcome Mr President

Giuseppe Garibaldi, or Peppino to his friends, lives in a small village and works in a library. When frustrated politicians can’t decide on who to elect as the next president of the republic, they jokingly write Giuseppe Garibaldi (the Italian general who contributed to the Italian unification and the creation of the Kingdom of Italy in the 19th century) on their voting sheet. Since Peppino is the only Italian citizen with that name and the minimum requirements (older than fifty, no criminal records), the law makes him the new president.

Benvenuto Signor Presidente is a typical Italian comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A relaxed and entertaining film, which is perfect to practice your Italian. The main actor, Claudio Bisio, is a famous comedian, actor and TV presenter in the country.

Lo Spietato / The Ruthless

Lo Spietato is a crime story following the rise and fall of Santo Russo, a gangster and yuppie in 1980s Milan. It is inspired by the real criminal Saverio Morabito.

This is a Netflix Original, and stars Riccardo Scamarcio as the main protagonist, a talented Italian actor who is known in his birthplace for his work in cinema and television.

L’Uomo Senza Gravit√† / The Man Without Gravity

Another Netflix Original, this feature film by Mirco Bonfanti tells the story of a man who can levitate, a characteristic he has had since he was born. His mother manages to hide the secret during his childhood, but once he becomes an adult, Oscar decides to reveal his extraordinary talent to the world.

This curious plot makes for a moving film starring Elio Germano, an actor who often collaborates with independent productions and is among the most talented artists in the country.

Slam – Tutto per una ragazza / Slam

Sam (shorten for Samuele) is a sixteen year old with a passion for skateboarding. He dreams of moving to California but when he meets his first girlfriend Alice, she becomes pregnant and Sam has to deal with the idea of becoming a young father, which is exactly what happened to his mum.

Based on a book, this coming of age film features a cast of young Italian actors and Jasmine Trinca, known in Italy for her roles in independent films.

Numero Zero: Alle Origini del Rap Italiano / The Roots of Italian Rap

This documentary directed by Enrico Bisi retraces the golden age of hip hop in the nineties, how this culture arrived in Italy and how it has evolved.

Something a bit different but interesting to watch if you like music and want to hear what Italian rap sounds like!

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