The Best TV Series to Watch in Italian on Netflix in 2020

TV series that were made in Italy are rather scarce on Netflix for now (you can read about them here), but thankfully there is another way to watch content in Italian thanks to the language choice that Netflix offers on its platform for many shows. In this article, we explain how to find content in Italian and provide you with recommendations on 10 shows to watch (or re-watch!).

Important: If you can’t see Italian as an option when setting audio and subtitles for a series, you need to change the language settings on your Netflix profile.

How to find TV series to watch in Italian on Netflix

The type of content that is guaranteed (most of the time) to have Italian audio and subtitles are Netflix’s own productions, called Netflix Originals.

You can search for Netflix Originals directly in the search bar (or Originali Netflix if your profile is in Italian), or just browse through the various categories. Every Netflix Original is marked with the red N logo.

the best italian tv series on netflix 2020

But why Netflix Originals and no other content? Well, because Netflix’s own productions are made specifically for the streaming platform and are distributed in many countries. Therefore, Netflix translates all its shows into different languages, including Italian, and these languages are available everywhere regardless of where you live. There are some exceptions, but overall this is the safest strategy, especially if you plan to watch the same content several times.

Other films and TV shows that don’t have the Netflix badge are usually licensed for a limited time, and licenses are country specific. So if for example Disney grants the right to broadcast Star Wars for a month in the US, UK, France and Spain, they might include the relevant languages for these countries but skip others such as Italian.

If you want to try other content than Netflix Originals, simply search for film in Italian or audio in Italian but be aware that some of these titles won’t stay around forever.

Il Nostro Pianeta / Our Planet

Il Nostro Pianeta is the perfect show to start with if you’re a beginner. The narrator’s voice speak slowly and clearly, and there are many pauses between dialogues. Plus you get to see some stunning animal documentary filmmaking because this show was produced by the same acclaimed BBC crew behind Blue Planet and Planet Earth.

In fact, there are numerous wildlife documentaries on Netflix, so make sure to watch those too if you like the slow pace of the audio and subtitles.

La Casa di Carta / Money Heist

This is one of the most watched show on Netflix, so if you fancy something popular, this is probably a good call. The plot is about a mysterious man known as “The Professor” (Il Professore) who recruits eight people to rob the Royal Mint of Spain of 2.4 billion euros. Four seasons are available.

The Italian title comes from the Spanish “La Case de Papel” (the show is produced in Madrid) and means The Paper House. Money Heist on the other hand translates to Rapina di Soldi.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive

Another documentary series, this time about car racing and Formula 1. Here as well, the clear voiceovers and interviews make it an easy watch, and the episodes last a half an hour each.

Drive to Survive translates as Guida per Sopravvivere (guidare = to drive), although being about racing, you could also say Corri per Soppravvivere (correre means to run but it is also used for people or things that move fast such as a sport cars).

Daredevil (and other Marvel series)

Marvel’s Daredevil is one of the series that has contributed to Netflix’s rise in popularity, not only because superheroes (supereroi) are loved everywhere nowadays, but also because it levelled up the quality of the company’s productions. Daredevil is indeed one of the best superhero shows I have watched with more adult and less superficial content than most films on the big screen.

Before losing the rights to do more, Netflix produced other good shows such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Defenders. So if this is a genre you like, you’re in for a treat, whether you’ve already watched them or not.

The Crown

Watching a series about the Queen of England in Italian might feel a bit off, but it doesn’t matter really because it’s all about improving the language. And why not do it with one of the best series on Netflix, full of excellent acting and magnificent cinematography?

Here as well the title hasn’t been officially translated into Italian, but it would be La Corona.

Orange is the New Black

The show is a female prison drama capable of mixing dramatic moments with humour in a unique way, and the colourful group of characters makes the show an addictive watch. There are seven seasons so it’s a longterm investment but that gives you the time to get used to the Italian spoken by the characters and recognise their voices, although they are dubbed.

The title translates to Arancio (or arancione) è il nuovo nero in Italian.

Stranger Things

If you like sci-fi/fantasy/horror and have a bit of eighties nostalgia (nostalgia per gli anni ottanta), this is the perfect show which follows the adventures of a group of childhood friends who are trying to discover what happens to one of their own after he disappeared mysteriously. The young cast is fantastic and the show is full of easter eggs and tributes to various films.


Love, which translates as amore in Italian, is another comedy series that explores the themes of modern dating from the perspective of both men and women through the relationship between Mickey and Gus. A down to earth show that is funny and entertaining, yet not too heavy to watch, leaving plenty of room to concentrate on Italian!


If you like crime dramas, Mindhunter (il cacciatore di menti) is an excellent show created by renowned director David Fincher and tells the true story (storia vera) of the FBI agents who pioneered the development of modern serial-killer profiling. There is a lot of talking and investigation dialogue, so if you like the genre you’ll be very pleased to see how it sounds in Italian.

Disincanto / Disenchantment

The creatore (creator) of The Simpsons and Futurama made this hilarious adult animated series about the friendship between a rebellious alcoholic princess, her naive elf companion and a demon. A funny cartoon is another excellent way to dive into the language. Highly recommended.

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