The Best Italian Movies to Watch on Netflix in 2024

One effective method for enhancing your Italian skills is by immersing yourself in media in the target language, and a convenient way to do so is by watching Italian films. Not only will you get a glimpse of Italian locations and culture, but you’ll also hear native actors speaking the language! With numerous streaming services …

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The Best Italian Series to Watch on Netflix in 2024

Movies offer a straightforward and effective method to enhance your Italian skills, but television series can be even more impactful. They tend to be longer, spanning multiple seasons and offering numerous storylines. This extended format allows for greater immersion in the characters, their dialogue, and the overall linguistic style of the series. In this guide, …

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The Best Italian Movies with English Subtitles on YouTube

Watching films is a great way of learning a language. You’ll absorb a lot of vocabulary while also becoming acquainted with a story and its characters, making the learning process all the more enjoyable. In a previous set of articles, we covered our recommendations for Italian movies to watch on Netflix but this time, we’ll …

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The Best TV Series to Watch in Italian on Netflix in 2020

the best italian series in italian on netflix

TV series that were made in Italy are rather scarce on Netflix for now (you can read about them here), but thankfully there is another way to watch content in Italian thanks to the language choice that Netflix offers on its platform for many shows. In this article, we explain how to find content in …

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The Best Movies to Watch in Italian on Netflix in 2020

the best italian movies on netflix 2020

If you find that there isn’t a wide enough selection of Italian films on Netflix, or that the ones available don’t really suit your taste, don’t worry – there are still many ways to watch content in the Italian language. This is because Netflix offers multiple languages for the audio and subtitles, so you might …

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Great Italian TV Series on Netflix to Watch in 2020

great italian tv series on netflix in 2020

Films are great, but TV series can be even more useful to improve your Italian because they are longer, giving you more time to get used to the characters and their voices. The episodes are shorter as well so you can easily fit viewing time into your schedule, or even re-watch the episodes a second …

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