Great Italian TV Series on Netflix to Watch in 2020

Films are great, but TV series can be even more useful to improve your Italian because they are longer, giving you more time to get used to the characters and their voices. The episodes are shorter as well so you can easily fit viewing time into your schedule, or even re-watch the episodes a second time to learn more.

As for the films, Netflix offers a selection of programs made in Italy. Here as well the list is not exhaustive, but more shows are in the pipeline.

Note: This article is about Italian TV productions. Click the link if you’re looking for other international TV Series to watch in Italian.

How to find Italian Series on Netflix

If you want to choose what is available on the streaming platform, simply search for the word Italian using the search bar, then click on Italian TV Programmes among the suggestions. (For some reason if you search for Italian TV Programmes directly, the results show a mix of series and films.) If you have set up your Netflix profile in Italian, search for Italiano and Film e TV in italiano.

great italian tv series on netflix 2020

Netflix often suggests Italian for Beginners (Parla Italiano?) which brings up a mix of films, documentaries and TV shows available in Italian but the selection is more or less the same.

Below are our recommendations for Italian TV shows you can watch on Netflix.

Tip: Choose Italian for both audio and subtitles. You’ll learn more this way!

Suburra / Suburra: Blood on Rome

Suburra is the first Netflix Original produced in Italy. Inspired by the film and book of the same name, it tells the story followings various characters involved in the criminal, political and ordinary life of Rome. The first season was directed by Michele Placido (among others), an Italian actor and director who has made various crime feature films such as Romanzo Criminale and Vallanzasca.

Be aware that the thick Roman accent (romanesco) predominates in this series, so despite being very good, this series might be a bit difficult if you’re a beginner.

Trivia: Suburra (or Subura) was a vast and crowded neighbourhood in Ancient Rome. Because it was populated by the low class and known to be a pleasure district, the term is used today to define a location filled with criminal activity.

Luna Nera

Another Netflix Original and an ambitious fantasy show that on paper looks quite different from your standard Italian productions. Luna Nera (black moon) tells the story of a teenager accused of witchcraft in 17th century Italy.

Unfortunately, the series has bad reviews, but if your aim is to immerse yourself in the language and you fancy something different to crime or political shows, Luna Nera should do the job.

Liberi Sognatori / Ordinary Heroes

Liberi Sognatori (lit. free dreamers) is a series composed of four independent episodes that are each 90 minutes long. Each film follows an engaged citizen with a sense of courage and civic duty, determined to change Italian society. The fourth episode is missing as of now on Netflix. It was originally produced for Italian television.

First Team: Juventus

First Team Juventus (first team = prima squadra) is a docu-series that follows the story on and off the field of the Juventus Football team, one of the most famous in the world. Two seasons are available and the Italian narrated by the voice over is slow and clear, so it looks like a good pick for beginners. Bonus points if you like football!

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