Famous Italian Place Names (and how to pronounce them correctly)

In Italian and English, and most other European languages for that matter, the names of the most historically important places tend to get translated. For example, London in Italian becomes Londra, Paris is Parigi, and Köln is Colonia, just to name a few.

The good news for learners is that, in most cases, the English and Italian names strongly resemble each other. Below you’ll find the top fourteen cities and regions in Italy whose names have been anglicised. We’ve included an audio file with the pronunciation to help you practise saying them like a true Italian!

famous italian place names

How to say “Italy” in Italian



Pointing with hand on the map of europe choosing where to go

How to say “Venice” in Italian



Venice gondolas on San Marco square, Venice, Italy.

How to say “Florence” in Italian



florence italy

How to say “Rome” in Italian



Colosseum in Rome

How to say “Naples” in Italian



Top View Cityscape Skyline Of Naples With Mount Vesuvius And Gulf Of Naples In Background.

How to say “Milan” in Italian



Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano, one of the largest churches in the world

How to say “Turin” in Italian



Turin panoramic view; winter clear day

How to say “Genoa” in Italian



Port of Genoa Italy and the Cityscape.

How to say “Sicily” in Italian



Panoramic view of Taormina with Giardini Naxox town in the background

How to say “Sardinia” in Italian



Baja Sardinia near Palau on the northeast coast of the Island of Sardinia

How to say “Apulia” in Italian



Gravina in Puglia old town, bridge and canyon.

How to say “Lombardy” in Italian



Lake Maggiore

How to say “Piedmont” in Italian



Rural landscape of vineyards at springtime in Langhe, Cuneo province, Piedmont

How to say “Tuscany” in Italian



Tuscany landscape at sunrise.

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