Italian Phrase of the Week: Mi piacerebbe… (I would like…)

The expression “I would like…” is extremely useful to know in any language. In Italian, one common way of translating this phrase is “Mi piacerebbe…” which literally means “It would please me…

Mi piacerebbe andare al cinema questa sera.

I would like to go to the cinema this evening.

Similar to “Mi piacerebbe…” is the phrase “Mi farebbe piacere…” (Lit: It would do me pleasure…). These two expressions both derive from the verb piacere (to like) and are used when expressing a desire or wish.

Mi farebbe piacere bere una birra fresca.

I would like to drink a cold beer.

There is yet another way you can translate “I would like…” in Italian which is “Vorrei…“. The conditional form of voglio (to want), it can function both as an expression of a desire (as in the case of the two expressions above) and as a polite request.

Vorrei fare un viaggio in India.

I would like to travel to India.

Vorrei usare il bagno.

I would like to use the bathroom.
(Polite request)

Mi piacerebbe and mi farebbe piacere would sound odd in the second sentence because there is no pleasure to be derived from going to the bathroom! 😉

Vorrei is also used much more often when ordering something at a restaurant or café. Below are a few common phrases you might want to try out!

I would like a cappuccino.

I would like a coffee.

I would like a drink.

I would like a glass of wine.

I would like a pizza.

I would like a sandwich.

I would like a table for two.

Vorrei un cappuccino.

Vorrei un caffè.

Vorrei qualcosa da bere.

Vorrei un bicchiere di vino.

Vorrei una pizza.

Vorrei un panino.

Vorrei un tavolo per due.