Italian Phrase of the Week: Andrà tutto bene! (Everything is going to be all right!)

A slogan that has gone viral as Italy deals with the ever increasing numbers of coronavirus cases is Andrà tutto bene! which translates as Everything is going to be all right! / Everything will be ok! in English.

It comprises three parts: andrà (future third person of andare ‘to go’) + tutto (everything) + bene (well, fine).

With the entire country under lockdown, children and their parents have been preparing banners and artwork from home with this encouraging phrase in order to boost morale, show solidarity and spread a message of hope.

Similarities have been drawn with the Chinese phrase jiayou, a ubiquitous expression of encouragement and support that began appearing on the streets following the initial outbreak in China.

Accompanying these words on almost every banner is another symbol of hope, the rainbow (arcobaleno), along with the hashtag Io (re)sto a casa (I’m staying at home). 🌈

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