Italian Word of the Day: Fantastico (fantastic)

Today we have an adjective that should be pretty easy to remember! Simply stick an o onto the end of the English word fantastic, and you get the Italian equivalent fantastico. It is used to describe things that are wonderful and awe-inspiring.

cover image with the word “fantastico” and its translation written on a notepad next to a cup of cofee

As with many adjectives, the -o ending is used to describe masculine nouns, whereas feminine nouns require the -a ending (fantastica). Their respective plurals are fantastici (masculine) and fantastiche (feminine).

Non è fantastico questo locale?! Vengo qui ogni fine settimana!

Isn’t this place fantastic?! I come here every weekend!

Traveler on the background The famous Piva Canyon with its fantastic reservoir.
Questa vista è fantastica! – This view is fantastic!

Sometimes fantastico is used in its own as an exclamation to express amazement, extreme happiness, or admiration.

Vieni anche tu alla festa? Fantastico!

You’re coming to the party too? Fantastic!

Fantastico can also denote something that is far removed from reality, such as for example, un racconto fantastico (a fictional story), una creatura fantastica (an imaginary creature) or un’idea fantastica (a far-fetched idea).

Fantastico also exists as a masculine singular noun. Used in this way, it translates as fantasy (literary genre), fantastic thing or something fantastic. For example:

Sto scrivendo una tesi sul fantastico nella letteratura moderna.

I’m writing a thesis about fantasy in modern literature.

Cropped image of man enjoying nook in a library
Sta leggendo un romanzo fantastico. = He’s reading a fantasy novel.

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