Italian Word of the Day: Sfinito (exhausted)

One of the most common ways to say exhausted in Italian is sfinito. It is the past participle of the verb sfinire (to exhaust or to wear out), which is the combination of the prefix s- and the verb finire (to finish).

IPA: /sfi·nì·to/

Because it is an adjective, the end changes depending on the gender and/or number of the subject:

  • sfinito = masculine, singular
  • sfinita = feminine, singular
  • sfiniti = masculine, plural
  • sfinite = feminine, plural

Sfinito is frequently used to talk about things that to test one’s physical or mental stamina. A few good examples include a marathon, very hot weather or a debilitating illness.

Il corridore è arrivato sfinito al traguardo.

The runner reached the finish line exhausted.

Some possible synonyms for sfinito include esausto, stremato, spossato and stanco morto (lit. dead tired).

sport man exhausted lying on the ground
Sono sfinito! = I’m exhausted!

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