Italian Word of the Day: Fede (faith)

The word for faith in Italian is fede (feminine, plural: fedi).

IPA: /ˈ

It can be defined as either the strong belief in something based on spiritual conviction rather than hard proof, or the complete trust in someone or something.

Qual è la fede religiosa più diffusa nel mondo?

What is the most widespread religious faith in the world?

To say that you have faith in someone/something, you would use the expression avere fede. Mantenere or tenere fede both translate as to remain loyal.

Ho fede nelle sue capacità.

I have faith in his capabilities.

Below are a few useful terms that contain the word fede:

  • buona fede = good faith
  • atto di fede = leap of faith
  • fede cieca = blind faith
  • pubblica fede = public faith
  • fede religiosa = religious faith
  • uomo / donna di poca fede = man / woman of little faith

Fede (or more specifically fede nuziale) is also the term for wedding ring in Italian, almost certainly because the band symbolises the couples’ ongoing faith and commitment to each another.

Ho messo la fede sul dito della mia sposa.

I put the wedding ring on my bride’s finger.

One final meaning for fede, often used in formal situations, is evidence or testimony. The expression fare fede means to serve as evidence or proof.

La tua risposta fa fede della tua innocenza.

Your response is proof of your innocence.

A standard closing statement of an official or legal document such as an affidavit is in fede. The closest English equivalent is yours faithfully or sincerely.

In some contexts, fede can be replaced by the very similar term fiducia (faith, trust, confidence) when it isn’t meant in a religious sense. The aforementioned phrase avere fede, for example, is interchangeable with avere fiducia.

Trivia: Fede is also the diminutive of the given names Federico (for a man) or Federica (for a woman) and also works as a nickname, just as the English name Frederick can be shortened to Fred.

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