Italian Word of the Day: Starnuto (sneeze)

Have you come down with a cold (raffreddore)? Or perhaps you suffer from allergies (allergie)? If so, you might find yourself sneezing more than usual!

The word for a sneeze in Italian is starnuto, which comes from the verb starnutire meaning to sneeze.

IPA: /star·nù·to/

Note: less common variations are found in Italian literature such as the noun sternuto, and the verbs starnutare and sternutire.

Il bebè starnutisce = The baby sneezes

An alternative way of saying to sneeze is fare uno starnuto (lit: to do/make a sneeze).

Perché hai fatto uno starnuto? Ti è entrata della polvere nel naso?

Why did you sneeze? Because some dust went up your nose?

There are onomatopoetic words in both languages for the sound a sneeze makes: achoo in English and etcì / ecci in Italian.

Whereas in English, we say Bless you! after a person has just sneezed, the Italians say Salute! which literally means Health!

Etcì! – Salute! Ti sei preso un raffreddore?

Achoo! – Bless you! Have you caught a cold?

A fun (but not very common) expression in Italian is È come fare uno starnuto (It’s like sneezing). It is used to describe something you were expecting to be long and tedious but turned out to be extremely straightforward and easy.

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