Italian Word of the Day: Passeggino (pushchair)

The word for what we call a stroller, baby buggy or pushchair in English is simply passeggino (masculine, plural: passeggini) in Italian. It is a derivative of the word passeggio meaning walk or stroll.

IPA: /pas·seg·gì·no/

Unlike a carrozzina (pram, baby carriage), which is essentially a baby cot on four wheels, a passeggino is an upright seat meant for older babies and toddlers.

couple walking with child in pushchair
Una mamma che spinge il passeggino. = A mom pushing the stroller.

Il mio bambino adora andare a passeggio nel passeggino.

My boy loves to go on a walk in the stroller.

There are many different kinds of pushchairs you can buy for your children depending on your needs. These include:

  • passeggino pieghevole = folding stroller
  • passeggino gemellare = double stroller
  • passeggino a 3 o 4 ruote = 3 or 4 wheel stroller
  • passeggino leggero = lightweight stroller

Two of the most popular types among parents today are the passeggini duo and trio, which are all-in-one solutions that perfectly meet a child’s transportation needs from its birth up to three years. They consist of a frame on which you can mount a car seat, bassinet or chair.

Some related terms include passeggiata (walk), passeggiare (to stroll, walk) and passeggero (passenger).

another couple walking with child in pushchair
Mamma e papà a passeggio con la loro bimba. = Mum and dad walking with their daughter.

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