Italian Word of the Day: Saggezza (wisdom)

The Italian word for wisdom is saggezza (feminine, plural: saggezze). It is derived from the adjective saggio (meaning wise) and can be traced back to the Latin sapere (to know) via the French sage.


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The expression con saggezza (with wisdom) is often used with the verbs parlare (to speak), agire (to act), gestire (to deal with) and vivere (to live).

Il nuovo capo è molto giovane ma parla con saggezza.

The new boss is very young but he speaks with wisdom.

To say that someone is di grande saggezza is the equivalent of declaring them very wise.

Old man reading at living room
Dicono che con l’età arriva la saggezza. – They say that wisdom comes with age.

La saggezza degli anziani is how you would say the wisdom of the elderly whereas la saggezza dei proverbi means the wisdom of proverbs.

In medical language, wisdom teeth can be referred to as either denti del giudizio (lit: judgement teeth) or more rarely, denti della saggezza.

Some common synonyms for saggezza include:

  • ragionevolezza = reasonableness
  • buonsenso = common sense
  • giudizio / criterio = judgement
  • senno = sense, judgement, wits

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