35 Popular Italian Dog Names

If you’ve got a new fur ball in your life and the name game is on, you’re in for some fun! In this article, we’re diving into the world of Italian dog names to help you find the perfect one for your canine companion.

Choosing the right name for your loyal pal is a significant moment that becomes even more enjoyable when you draw from the charm of the Italian language. Whether you’re into classic names, want something with a touch of history, or just feel like giving your pup a full-on human name, there are loads of Italian dog names to choose from.  

So, grab pen and paper and let the Italian naming fun begin! 

35 Popular Italian Dog Names

Classic Italian dog names  

There are dog names that Italians give their pets all the time. Here’s a list of the most popular ones you might consider for your furry friend:

Fido: this is the quintessential Italian name for dogs, so popular that it’s almost synonymous with “dog” itself. It means “faithful companion,” so it’s like naming your dog “Best Buddy” in Italian!

Birba: meaning “rascal,” this one is for all those smart, lively troublemakers! If your little diva fits this description, Birba is the absolute best Italian name for her.

Birillo: an adorable Italian dog name that literally translates to “skittle.” Choosing this name for your furry friend surely adds a sweet and playful touch.

Lilli: is your pup a real beauty, worthy of a Disney princess title? Then, Lilli, inspired by Lady and the Tramp, is a great Italian name that adds a touch of elegance to your four-legged friend, just like the animated pup.

Pongo: here’s another Italian dog name that brings Disney magic to your everyday adventures with your furry friend. Pongo literally means “play dough,” but in this case it refers to the protagonist of One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Bianca: for fur beauties rocking a white coat, the name Bianca (literally, “white”) is a classic choice – simple, elegant, and oh-so-Italian.

Leo: whether your dog is a big, powerful beast or a tiny lionheart, Leo is the name that screams strength and bravery. Coming from the word “Leone” (“lion”), your little furball will be a mighty lion in disguise!

Nuvola: soft as a cloud and just as dreamy, Nuvola (literally, “cloud”) is a common Italian dog name that suits any gender, perfect for those who seek a name as soft as their pet’s fur.

Briciola: does your pint-sized pup melt hearts with sheer cuteness? Then, Briciola (“crumb”) is the Italian dog name that captures that irresistibly small and cute vibe. It’s like saying, “I have the tiniest and most adorable dog in town!”

Fiocco: meaning “flake,” this Italian dog name evokes light and fluffy feelings, perfect for your male dog with the cutest snout you can’t resist – especially if it reminds of fresh snow.

Asia: whether it’s the appeal of the vast continent or the charm of the East more in general, Asia is a name that adds a touch of cosmopolitan sophistication to your dog’s identity.

Pippo: joy, friendship, and a sprinkle of Disney magic! Pippo, inspired by Mickey Mouse’s best pal (known as Goofy in English), is a name that embodies the spirit of happiness.

Bella: meaning “beautiful”, Bella is the cute Italian name for a furry princess who struts with grace and elegance. Picture your stylish pup owning the park with effortless charm and a dash of sophistication – because that’s what Bellas do best!

Toto / Totò: inspired by The Wizard of Oz, Toto is the short and sweet choice for cute little guy dogs. You can even make it more Italian by accentuating the final “o,” bringing to mind the Italian actor Totò, a maestro in the art of comedy and a big dog lover.

Luna: is your girl dog mysterious and cool, like the moonlit night? Luna (meaning “moon”) is the popular Italian name that exudes a mysterious vibe, perfect for dark-coated pups or those belonging to wolf-like breeds.

Italian dog names inspired by history and mythology

History and mythology offer great inspiration if you’re seeking a special name for the true king or queen of your heart and home:

Achille: the star of the epic Iliad, deemed invincible, so your pet is ready to conquer the dog park like a true legend!

Golia: the giant Philistine warrior defeated by David. This name is often given to little dogs as a fun way to highlight the difference in size between the tiny pup and the giant warrior – because who says small dogs can’t have big dreams?

Cleo: an abbreviation of Cleopatra, the famous queen of Egypt, it’s the perfect regal name for your female furry pal.

Artù: the legendary king of the Camelot court, where bravery and chivalry reigned supreme. The perfect name for your furry knight, loyal and ready to defend you against mailmen and squirrels alike!

Merlino: remaining in Camelot, Merlino was the court wizard whose name is steeped in magic and intrigue. It’s often used for cute little dogs with a personality that’s sure to leave everyone under their spell.

Maya: from Greek mythology to Hindu philosophy, this dog name is a journey across cultures – perfect for a little furry explorer.

Cesare: bow down to the mighty ruler of your household! Channeling the mighty Roman emperor, your dog will demand treats and belly rubs with regal authority.

Dante: the genius behind the Divine Comedy and the man who greatly contributed to creating the Italian language. Picture your adorable dog strolling through the park, oozing Italian smarty vibes!

Sansone: predominantly used for big dogs, this name exudes strength and power, reminiscent of the biblical hero blessed with prodigious might. Just like its namesake, a dog called Sansone carries an air of grandeur and might.

Laila: a name of Arabic origin that refers to the mysterious beauty of the night. It’s a great choice for a dark-furred girl dog, bringing a touch of exotic charm to her character.

Zeus: paying homage to the king of Mount Olympus, this is another powerful name that works well for a big, strong pup. But it’s also a fun pick for a small dog with a confident personality.

Giotto: art lovers may consider Giotto for their boy dog, a very popular name that nods to the famous Italian painter, giving the pup a touch of artistic flair.

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Italian human names for dogs 

Ever considered giving your dog a regular human name that really shows they’re a cherished part of the family? Check out these widely used Italian human names that suit different personalities and looks – perfect for making your furry buddy the talk of the park!

Ugo: meaning “perceptive spirit,” this name is an ideal choice for your brainy male buddy.

Rocco: the perfect Italian human name for your male dog, guaranteed to add a unique and funny vibe to his personality. Plus, the guardian saint of dogs is also named Rocco!

Nina: meaning “girl,” this is an adorable name with a sweet, girly vibe, just right for those tiny fluff balls who steal hearts with their cuddles – and totally love soaking up all the attention too!

Arturo: this name carries connotations of nobility and greatness, making it particularly well-suited for big canines of all sizes, from giants like the Alans who strut around like royalty to tiny pups with a lot of spirit.

Stella: meaning “star,” this is a popular human-like female dog name that exudes charm, perfect for a furry diva, confidently strutting around like she owns the park.

Lucio: a name of Latin origin that means “light,” perfect for the lively little sunbeam in your home.

Mia: meaning “mine” and also carries the feeling of being loved, this is a sweet and gentle Italian name for girl dog, perfectly capturing the depth of love and connection you share with your beloved four-legged friend.

Enzo: this is the short form of Italian names such as Vincenzo or Lorenzo, and is said to come from the Germanic language, meaning “ruler of the household.” It perfectly suits a male dog who’s all about spreading good vibes and truly runs the show at home.

35 Popular Italian Dog Names

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