How to Say “Happy Women’s Day!” in Italian

International Women’s Day, which has been annually observed every March 8th since 1911, is a celebration of the economic, political and social contributions of women in society, as well as a call to action to raise awareness about continued inequality, stereotypes, and discrimination.

In Italian, this day is formally known as La giornata internazionale della donna which literally means “the international day of women”. However, in advertisements, press releases and everyday Italian, it is much more common to hear it referred to as la Festa della Donna, a name not everyone appreciates since the word festa (party) is associated with merrymaking and festivities, rather than deep reflection and appreciation.

how to say happy women's day in italian

With that said, there are two possible ways you can wish someone a Happy International Women’s Day in Italian, both of which contain the word donna (woman). More formally, you can say:

Buona giornata internazionale della donna!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Or, more informally, you can opt for the greeting:

Buona Festa della Donna!

Happy Women’s Day!

In either case, Italians use the feminine adjective buona (literally “good” or in this case “happy”) to turn the phrases into a proper greeting.

The Mimosa – The Italian Women’s Day Flower

A vivid memory I have from my time living in Italy is walking through Piazza Vittorio in Torino on International Women’s Day and receiving small bunches of honey-scented yellow flowers from male strangers and friends alike. I soon learned that this flower was called mimosa and that men observe the holiday by giving them to women, even random passers-by apparently!

The tradition originated in 1946 with communist politician Teresa Mattei, who felt that the French symbols of International Women’s Day, viole (violets) and mughetti (lilies of the valley), were too scarce and expensive for the poor rural population of Italy, so she proposed the mimosa (plural: mimose) as a more affordable alternative.

Portrait of a young woman in a beige coat and hat with a bouquet of mimosa in her hands.

Famous Quotes for International Women’s Day

Frasi Famose per la Festa della Donna

Below you will find ten of our favourite famous quotes for International Women’s Day. You can include them in a greeting card, say them out loud to a strong woman in your life, or simply enjoy reading them!

Se gli uomini fossero belli ed intelligenti, si chiamerebbero donne.

If men were beautiful and intelligent, they would be called women.

– Audrey Hepburn

8 marzo. Uomini, oltre alle mimose portate anche il rispetto.

8th of March. Men, in addition to mimosas, also show (literally: bring) respect.

– Giuseppe Donadei

Senza il sorriso delle donne, il mondo sarebbe eternamente buio.

Without women’s smiles, the world would be eternally dark.

– Fabrizio Caramagna

Essere donna è così affascinante… È un’avventura che richiede un tale coraggio, una sfida, che non finisce mai.

Being a woman is so fascinating… It’s an adventure that requires such courage, a challenge, that never ends.

– Oriana Fallaci

Quando si scrive delle donne bisogna intingere la penna nell’arcobaleno e asciugare la pagina con la polvere delle ali delle farfalle.

When you write about women you have to dip your pen in the rainbow and dry the page with the dust of butterfly wings.

– Denis Diderot

Noi donne rappresentiamo il 50% della popolazione e siamo le madri dell’altro 50%. Cari uomini, guardatevi intorno: ci sono donne dappertutto. Avete veramente bisogno dell’8 Marzo per ricordarvi che le donne esistono?

We women represent 50% of the population and we are the mothers of the other 50%. Dear men, look around you: there are women everywhere. Do you really need March 8th to remind you that women exist?

– Lucina Di Meco

Una donna dovrebbe essere due cose: chi e cosa vuole.

A woman should be two things; what and who she wants.

– Coco Chanel

Le donne sono una vite su cui gira tutto.

Women are a screw on which everything turns.

– Lev Tolstoj

La donna è come una bustina di tè, non si può dire quanto è forte fino a che non la si mette nell’acqua bollente.

A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Le donne che hanno cambiato il mondo non hanno mai avuto bisogno di mostrare nulla, se non la loro intelligenza.

The women who have changed the world never needed to show anything but their intelligence.

– Rita Levi Montalcini

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