Italian Idiom: Non fare una piega (to be flawless / to not bat an eyelid)

Picture a pristine sheet freshly pressed by a skilled professional, free of any wrinkles. There are few things as immaculate. This concept gives rise to the Italian idiom non fare una piega, literally meaning “to not make a wrinkle” or “to not make a crease.”

It describes an argument or way of thinking that is flawless, correct, perfectly logical, indisputable, and errorless.

However, this idiomatic expression carries a second, distinct meaning. When applied to an individual, it signifies that they exhibit no emotion. In this sense, it aligns with the English idiom “to not bat an eyelid.”

Serious, emotionless young man standing isolated on gray background.
Pensavo che avrebbe pianto ma non ha fatto una piega. = I thought he’d cry but he didn’t bat an eyelid.

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