Italian Phrase of the Week: Ce la faremo! (We can do it!)

A motivational Italian phrase that has been circulating on Twitter and other social media platforms along with Andrà tutto bene! (Everything will be ok!) and Io resto a casa! (I’m staying at home!) is #celafaremo (ce la faremo).

Although the literal translation is we will be able to do it / we will manage, the meaning isn’t dissimilar to the English expressions We can do it! or We will get through this!

The phrase, which comes from the verb farcela (to manage or succeed), is made up of three components:

Ce (form of the ‘ci’ particle) + la (it) + faremo (we will do)

Below is the full conjugation of farcela in the future tense:

Ce la farò

Ce la farai

Ce la farà

Ce la faremo

Ce la farete

Ce la faranno

I will be able to do it

You will be able to do it

He/She will be able to do it

We will be able to do it

You (all) will be able to do it

They will be able to do it

Another way of expressing a similar concept in Italian is with the phrase Ce la possiamo fare! The difference is that it incorporates the first person plural form of the verb potere (to be able).

The phrase is a response to the current lockdown in Italy, as the country waits for the number of coronavirus cases to fall. As of today, Italians have been under quarantine for over a month.

ce la faremo means we can do it in english