Italian Phrase of the Week: Siamo con voi! (We are with you!)

In these times of hardship, people around the world are searching for ways to show solidarity with Italy on social media. In English, the hashtag #WeStandWithItaly has gone viral, but so has its Italian equivalent #SiamoConVoi (siamo con voi) which translates as We are with you.

Since many of you are probably unfamiliar with Italian grammar, let’s take a moment to break this phrase down into smaller parts:

Siamo (first person plural of essere in the present tense ‘to be’) + con (preposition ‘with’) + voi (‘you’ plural)

Below you can see the complete conjugation of essereto be‘ in the present tense.

(Io) sono

(Tu) sei

(Lui/Lei) è

(Noi) siamo

(Voi) siete

(Loro) sono

I am

You are

He/She is

We are

You (all) are

They are

You may have noticed that the personal pronoun noiwe‘ is missing from the sentence siamo con voi. This is because in Italian, it isn’t always necessary to use personal pronouns due to the fact that the verb conjugation already reveals who the subject is. The only time it is important to include the pronoun is for emphasis or comparative purposes as in the example below:

Noi siamo con voi, ma voi non siete con noi!

We are with you, but you aren’t with us!

Siamo con voi in English is We are with you!
Siamo con voi, Italia! = We are with you, Italy!

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