Italian Word of the Day: Crepacuore (heartbreak)

Crepacuore (masculine, plural: crepacuori) is one possible translation for heartbreak or broken heart in Italian.

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It is made up of two terms: the verb crepare, which is a colloquial way of saying to die, and cuore, the word for heart.

Below are a couple of verbs you might hear used with this word:

  • morire di crepacuore = to die of a broken heart
  • soffrire di crepacuore = to suffer from a broken heart

Dopo meno di un mese dalla scomparsa del marito, la vedova morì di crepacuore.

Less than a month after her husband’s passing, the widow died of a broken heart.

Friends comforting broken hearted woman

If you want to describe someone as being brokenhearted, there are a few possible translations you can choose between:

  • avere il cuore spezzato = to have a broken heart (lit. to have a fragmented heart)
  • avere il cuore infranto = to have a broken heart (lit. to have a shattered heart)
  • avere il cuore a pezzi = to have a broken heart (lit. to have a heart in pieces)
  • essere affranto = to be broken, devastated, heartbroken

To break someone’s heart, on the other hand, usually translates as spezzare il cuore.

Mi si spezza il cuore a vederlo ridotto così.

My heart breaks to see him like that.

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