Italian Word of the Day: Bivio (crossroads)

The word for crossroads in Italian is bivio (masculine, plural: bivi).

IPA: /ˈbivjo/

Like the English equivalent, bivio has both a literal and figurative meaning. In the literal sense, it refers to the place where two roads meet, whereas in the figurative sense, it denotes the point at which a crucial decision, which will have significant consequences, must be made.

Al prossimo bivio gira a destra.

Turn right at the next crossroads.

aerial view of a crossroads

A few verbs that are often used with bivio in both the literal and figurative sense include:

  • essere (di fronte) a un bivio = to be at / stand at a crossroads
  • trovarsi a un bivio = to find oneself at a crossroads
  • arrivare a un bivio = to arrive at a crossroads

Mi trovo a un bivio della mia vita e non so cosa fare.

I find myself a crossroads of my life and I don’t know what to do.

In addition to crossroads, bivio may also translate as fork in the road or junction.

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