Italian Word of the Day: Impavido (fearless)

One way of saying fearless or undaunted in Italian is impavido. It comes from the Latin impavidus which is a combination of the prefix im- and pavidus (coward).

cover image with the word “impavido” and its translation written on a notepad next to a cup of cofee

Impavido is the masculine form. The feminine version is impavida, and their respective plural forms are impavidi and impavide.

Il principe impavido sfidò il drago per liberare la principessa rinchiusa nella torre.

The fearless prince challenged the dragon to free the princess locked up in the tower.

By adding the suffix -mente onto the end of the adjective, we get the adverb impavidamente which means fearlessly. Another variation is in modo impavido (literally: in a fearless way). However, sometimes impavido itself translates as fearlessly if it comes directly after a verb, as in the following example:

Il principe affrontò impavido il drago.

The prince fearlessly faced the dragon.

Sepia toned shot of a medieval roman warrior with gorgeous strong muscular ripped body walking through the field on dusk covering his back with a shield holding a sword
Un giovane guerriero impavido – A fearless young warrior

Some possible synonyms for impavido include:

  • senza paura = without fear
  • coraggioso = brave
  • temerario = fearless, bold, reckless
  • intrepido = intrepid

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