Italian Word of the Day: Grossomodo (roughly / approximately)

An adverb in Italian that means more or less, approximately or roughly is grossomodo. It may also be written as two words – grosso modo – with grosso meaning large and modo meaning way.

cover image with the word “grossomodo” and its translation written on a notepad next to a cup of coffee

Siamo grossomodo a metà strada.

We’re approximately halfway there.

Grossomodo ci saranno quaranta persone questa sera.

There will be more or less forty people this evening.

Some possible synonyms for this word include:

  • più o meno = more or less
  • approssimativamente = approximately
  • pressappoco = about, roughly
  • suppergiù = roughly, more or less (su per giù literally means up by down)
  • circa = about, around
  • all’incirca = somewhere around
  • a occhio e croce = more or less (lit: at eye and cross)
They are almost the same height
Abbiamo la stessa altezza più o meno! = We’re more or less the same height!

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