Italian Word of the Day: Passeggiata (walk / stroll)

Today we’re going to be looking at the Italian word passeggiata (feminine, plural: passeggiate) which means walk or stroll when the person in question travels on foot, or ride when they go by a means of transport such as a bus, car or horse.


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Passeggiata derives from the verb passeggiare which means to walk, stroll or amble.

To go for / to take a walk translates as andare a fare una passeggiata, or more simply, fare una passeggiata. If you take another person or an animal like a dog on a walk, you can use the expression portare (qualcuno / il cane) a fare una passeggiata.

Perché non andiamo a fare una passeggiata nel parco?

Why don’t we go on a walk in the park?

Young disabled white woman in wheelchair enjoying her walking on fresh air with black man behind her
Andiamo a fare una passeggiata, anche se fa freddo! = Let’s go on a walk even though it’s cold.!

Passeggiata can also refer to a scenic path along which you can easily walk, with the best translations being promenade, walk, trail or boardwalk depending on where the path is located.

La passeggiata a mare si estende per circa due chilometri.

The seaside promenade is about two kilometres long.

In English, we often say that a task is a walk in the park, a cakewalk or a piece of cake if it is absurdly or surprisingly easy to accomplish, and Italians use passeggiata in a similar way.

Superare quell’esame è stato davvero una passeggiata.

Passing that exam was a real cakewalk.

Some other ways of saying ‘to go for a walk‘ in Italian include:

  • andare a fare due / quattro passi = lit: to go make two / four steps
  • andare a spasso = to go on a walk (for fun or without any real aim)
  • fare una camminata = to go on a (strenuous) walk (to get in shape)
  • andare a passeggio = to go for a walk / stroll
  • andare a fare un giro / andare in giro = to go for a walk (quick and fun with stops along the way, often in the city)
two young kids walking hand in hand on a country road
Andiamo a fare una passeggiata con le bimbe. = Let’s go on a walk with the girls.

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