Italian Word of the Day: Sciarpa (scarf / sash)

Although we’re leaving the depths of winter behind us, some items of clothing remain indispensable, especially when cold winds are still blowing strong. One of these items is the sciarpa (scarf)!

Sciarpa derives from the French écharpe, which in turn comes from the Franconian skerpa, a kind of shoulder belt with loops or pockets for cartridges.

cover image with the word “sciarpa” and its translation written on a notepad next to a cup of coffee

Being a feminine noun, it takes the following definite and indefinite articles:

la sciarpa
the scarf

una sciarpa
a scarf

le sciarpe
the scarves

delle sciarpe
(some) scarves

Fa freddo fuori. Mettiti una sciarpa intorno al collo!

It’s cold outside. Put a scarf around your neck!

Some different kinds of scarves include:

  • una sciarpa di lana = a wool scarf
  • una sciarpa di cotone = a cotton scarf
  • una sciarpa di seta = a silk scarf
Mummy is covering daughter by scarf

Another possible definition for sciarpa is sash, as in the long strip of cloth worn over the shoulder or around the waist, especially as part of a uniform or official dress.

Durante la cerimonia di inaugurazione, il sindaco indossava la sciarpa tricolore.

During the opening ceremony, the mayor was wearing the tricolour sash.

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