Italian Word of the Day: Siccome (because / given that / since)

When speaking Italian, it is all too easy to find yourself stuck in the trap of using perché whenever you want to say because. In order to sound more like a native speaker however, it is important to try and expand your vocabulary by learning some common synonyms.

One such synonym is siccome which can translate as because, given that, since, or seeing as how. The combination of (yes) and come (how), it is used frequently in both spoken and written Italian.


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Unlike many other conjunctions, siccome does not take the subjunctive, but rather the indicative. This is because, like perché, it indicates certainty. What’s more, because it is used to introduce a causal phrase (proposizione causale), it mustn’t be followed by che (that).

Siccome piove, oggi non usciamo.
(Incorrect: Siccome piova, oggi non usciamo.)
(Incorrect: Siccome che piove, oggi non usciamo.)

Since it’s raining, we aren’t going out today.

Two young male colleagues speaking to each other while sitting in an office
Siccome non parlava bene l’inglese, ho provato a usare il mio italiano. – Since he didn’t speak English well, I tried to use my Italian.

Other possible meanings mostly confined to literature are come (how), appena che (as soon as), and in quanto (inasmuch).

Some important synonyms worth learning for spoken Italian are:

  • dato che = given that
  • visto che = given that, considering that
  • poiché = since, seeing as how

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