How to Say “Spring” in Italian + 20 Useful Spring Words

March 20th is the spring equinox in Italy and the northern hemisphere, marking the start of longer days, warmer weather and the appearance of new life.

If you’re learning Italian, you may want to increase your spring vocabulary so that you can talk to your friends and family about this time of year. In addition to teaching you the word for spring in Italian, we’ve also included twenty important words related to the season. Happy spring! 🙂

spring words in italian

How to Say “Spring” in Italian

The word for spring in Italian is the beautiful sounding primavera. It is a feminine noun, so it takes the articles la and una. It is derived from the Latin prima vera, which is the plural of primus ver, literally “first spring”. The -vera in primavera shares the same origin as the English word vernal, meaning “of the spring”.

Como city and lake near Milan - Italy

1. Pasqua

English translation: Easter

Quando cominciano le vacanze di Pasqua?

When does the Easter break start?

Portrait of young mother and son celebrating Easter at home and playing with cute pet bunny at table with toys and painted eggs

2. Equinozio di primavera

English translation: Spring equinox

L’equinozio di primavera cade il 20 marzo quest’anno.

The spring equinox falls on March 20th this year.

3. Bocciolo

English translation: bud

Sotto casa mia c’è un albero pieno di boccioli.

In front of my house there is a tree covered in buds.

bud on tree

4. Germoglio

English translation: sprout / shoot

I nuovi germogli stanno spuntando dai semi.

The new shoots are sprouting from the seeds.

5. Seme

English translation: seed

Ho piantato i semi in un vasetto sul balcone.

I planted the seeds in a small pot on the balcony.

Farmer's hand planting seeds in soil in nursery tray

6. Fiore

English translation: flower

Il mio giardino è pieno di fiori profumati.

My garden is full of fragrant flowers.

7. Arcobaleno

English translation: rainbow

Ho visto un arcobaleno nel cielo.

I saw a rainbow in the sky.

Bright colorful natural rainbow.

8. Bruco

English translation: caterpillar

Il bruco ha cominciato a consumare tutta la foglia.

The caterpillar started to consume the entire leaf.

9. Nido

English translation: nest

Gli uccelli costruiscono dei nidi per le loro uova.

Birds build nests for their eggs.

bird's nest

10. Cucciolo

English translation: cub, baby animal

La maggior parte dei cuccioli nascono in primavera.

Most baby animals are born in the springtime.

11. Pioggia

English translation: rain

Secondo il meteo, da domani arriva la pioggia primaverile a Torino.

According to the weather forecast, tomorrow will see the arrival of spring rain in Turin.

raining in florence

12. Rondine

English translation: swallow

In Italia, l’arrivo delle rondini è un segno che la primavera è alle porte.

In Italy, the arrival of the swallows is a sign that spring is at the door.

13. Ape

English translation: bee

Non tutte le api producono il miele.

Not all bees produce honey.

Flying honeybee collecting pollen at cherry blossoms.

14. Agnello

English translation: lamb

Gli agnelli nascono quasi tutti per la fine di marzo.

Almost all lambs are born by the end of March.

15. Sole

English translation: sun

In primavera, il sole è più caldo e le giornate sono più lunghe.

In the spring, the sun is warmer and the days are longer.

Portrait of fashionable woman wearing mirrored sunglasses

16. Tulipano

English translation: tulip

Il tulipano è il mio fiore preferito.

The tulip is my favourite flower.

17. Foglia

English translation: leaf

Le prime foglie sugli alberi fioriscono in primavera.

The first leaves on the trees appear in spring.

Dew drops balancing on chick weed leaves

18. Pasquale

English translation: Easter (adjective)

Il periodo pasquale inizia la domenica di Pasqua e dura fino al giorno di Pentecoste.

The Easter period begins on Easter Sunday and lasts until the day of Pentecost.

19. Cambio di stagione

English translation: changing from winter to spring clothes in one’s wardrobe

Devo fare il cambio di stagione nel mio armadio!

I have to change over to my spring wardrobe!

Beautiful young woman dressed casually feeling frustrated standing among multicolored clothes in her wardrobe, speaking on mobile phone with friend, asking for advice

20. Primaverile

English translation: spring-like, springy

C’è già un’atmosfera primaverile in città.

There’s already a spring atmosphere in the town!

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