Italian Phrase of the Week: Buon viaggio! (Have a good trip!)

Is your Italian friend about to head off on a trip? Then today’s expression will definitely come in handy!

The Italian phrase for Have a good trip! is Buon viaggio!

IPA: /ˈbwɔ.n viˈad.dʒo/

Literally translating as good journey, it greatly resembles a French expression with which we are all familiar: Bon voyage!

Buon viaggio, Alice! Ci vediamo tra una settimana!

Have a good trip, Alice! See you in a week!

Unlike the English word trip, which can encompasses both the journey from point A to point B and the activities carried out at the destination, the word viaggio refers specifically to the journey.

In order to make an exact reference to the time spent at the location, it is better to opt for a different phrase: Buone vacanze! (Have a good vacation!) It can also be used when saying goodbye to someone (such as a classmate) at the beginning of the summer holidays and the end of the scholastic year.

Buone vacanze, Stefano. Ci vediamo a Settembre!

Have a good vacation, Stefano. See you in September!

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