Italian Word of the Day: Biberon (baby bottle)

Biberon is the Italian word for a baby bottle. It entered the language via the French biberon which can be traced back to the Latin verb bibere (to drink).

italian word for baby bottle

It is an invariable masculine noun, which means that its form does not change in the plural.

  • il biberon = the baby bottle
  • i biberon = the baby bottles
  • un biberon = a baby bottle
  • dei biberon = (some) baby bottles
adorable toddler drinking out of baby bottle in crib
Un bambino piccolo con il suo biberon = A toddler with his baby bottle

II bambino preferisce il seno al biberon.

The baby prefers the breast to the bottle.

A synonym for biberon is poppatoio, a derivative of the very common verb poppare (to drink mother’s milk).

Biberon appears in the idiomatic expression avere ancora bisogno del biberon (lit. to still need one’s baby bottle). It is used to describe someone who is immature, naive or inexperienced.

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